The staff of Burmeister-Johannsen Funeral Home, Inc. takes pride in offering caring  and compassionate service. We feel it is our duty to operate our business in an open and  honest manner worthy of the trust placed in us by you, the customer. It is an honor to serve client families, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Seth Johannsen

Seth is the owner/manager of the Burmeister-Johannsen Funeral Home. He is a fully licensed funeral director and embalmer in the states of Iowa and Nebraska, and is also a licensed life insurance agent in Iowa. Seth became the owner of the Burmeister-Johannsen Funeral Home in 1992 when his family purchased the funeral home from the Burmeister family.

Kay Johannsen

Kay is the Office Manager for Burmeister-Johannsen Funeral Home, Inc. With her husband, Seth, she purchased the firm in 1992.

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