Preplanning your funeral arrangements has great value and eases the burden on loved ones at the time of death. We offer a preplanning guide which will help you list your personal preferences and biographical information.

There are four basic reasons why families choose to plan their funerals in advance.

*You can ease a loved one’s emotional burden. Planning in advance means having more time to make major decisions at a less stressful time.

*You can express your own wishes. Letting your wishes be known in a written funeral plan means your family will not have to guess what you may have wanted.

*You can relieve your loved ones of a financial burden. You may choose to pre-fund all or part of your chosen arrangements.

*You can help avoid conflicts among family and friends. A written funeral plan kept on file at the funeral home of your choice will help settle potential disputes within those making final arrangements.

Our experience has shown that the most effective way to pre-plan is to contact us for an appointment. By talking with one of our funeral planning professionals, you will receive all the information you need to decide what is right for you. This pre-planning conference is free, with no cost or obligation to you.